March 17, 2017

The Secrets Needed For Every Luxury Kitchen

Four things that every luxury kitchen needs and how we provide them for our clients in each design. This is a great place to start when creating luxury in a kitchen space.

Open Living Space Problems

As we open spaces between kitchens and living areas we need to have our kitchens work even harder for us. Especially when focusing on luxury kitchen design. Kitchens need to be as elegant as the rest of the house whilst also being practical. How we have worked around this in our knightsbridge kitchen design is through slide away doors. Open when cooking and closed when entertaining they turn the kitchen in to a serene space you will want to spend all your time in. It is a clever and elegant solution.

roundhouse2 Left: Kitchen Closed Right: Kitchen Open

Since for about a third of home workers their kitchen is also used as a working space (UK Houzz Report 2017) we find it useful to include plugs (hidden, of course!) as a way to make sure dining tables can double as desks especially for younger family members.

Larder or Pantry for a Luxury Kitchen

We have found that a larder or pantry is an essential when creating a luxury kitchen. Being able to see food stuffs quickly, easily and beautifully organised gives us a distinctly tingly feeling. It is one of those modern day comforts that every luxury kitchen should have. If you can't but in a walk in pantry and larder cupboard can be the next logical step. We have recently collaborated with kitchen experts Naked Kitchens to provide a beautiful larder.

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At the touch of a button

In today's fast paced life things that are immediate are heaven sent. That's probably why more clients have been opting for boiling water taps. They are quick, efficient, safe and mean that surfaces can be kept clear. An easy upgrade option! In the design below you can just about spot the second tap to the right hand side of the sink, talk about discreet! I personally love the safe feature, needs to be pushed down before turned to be able to active the tap. Meaning that small children are going to be protected.

Knightsbridge Interior Design - Kitchen Design


Extra-large utility space

When looking at creating a luxury kitchen you want to make sure that you have as much space as possible for cooking. This means taking the cleaning and washing area out of the kitchen. An extra large utility space is a must when looking at luxury design. You want to be able to focus on how meals are created not where to store the cleaning materials in a safe way. A dedicated space for this can be created in a utility room and will work much better for everyone in the house. If space isn't an issue this is a requirement.

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