July 15, 2011

Sensible Lighting?

So after my blow the budget chandelier's/call them pendants post yesterday I stumbled across these on my Pinterest account (Yes I KNOW I should probably stop trying to crash their servers!)

These lamps are so simple and yet so beautiful, I love the strong but not overpowering colours and the beautiful light that they give.


I love the way the creators describe them:

"Graf speaks the language of images. The lampshade features the graphic style elements representing the concepts that have inspired the entire home collection, with a unique and immediately recognisable style. Music interpreted by a DJ at his console, nature experienced in personal style. The style elements are represented by images especially created for Graf, with a highly original graphic treatment and a scale of representation that is different according to the version; whether it is the floor, hanging, or table version. The fabric covering the diffuser has a special shiny finish that creates a fun ‘wet paint’ effect. Like work of contemporary pop art, Graf can be placed in any space to characterise it with its strong personality and visual message, which is at the same time universal and suitable for different style environments. "


A "language of images",  I think I speak that - fluently!

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