April 12, 2016

Shopping For Dining Tables

Dining tables come in various sizes and finishes. Starting from shapes, through legs designs and top material the choice is endless. But what to take in consideration when choosing this furniture to your home?

1.Space. Sometimes when shopping for furniture, we forget how important the context for each piece is. We've just fallen in love with a piece and want to buy it no matter what. And then we end up with a dining table that a) doesn’t fit our dining area or b)takes so much space that we can’t walk freely around and passing plates to guests and families seems like a nightmare c) is so small, we can’t comfortable have a meal there,or d) it clashes with everything around it.

Interior Design Paddington Dining Room Paddington W2

2. Places. Take in consideration how many people in most cases sit around it, excluding Christmas and your birthday. Obviously, on special occasions there will be more people, but is it worth to buy 12 people seating table, if in most cases it’s you and your partner who are having a meal?

Project 5 - Angel - Image 5 Project 5 - Angel - Image 4

2. Dimensions. The table not only has to ‘fit’ into the drawings and physical space, but you’ll need to add enough space to move around and push the chair out when you want to get up. Same concept with legs; If you would like to have a round table, it is more comfortable to have one leg in the middle so you can sit on each side without hurting your legs. If you are buying an extending table, check where the legs will sit once fully extended. The design might not actually work and your guests may have to either straddle a leg, or you’ll find the extra space is rendered useless by the fact you can’t fit a chair in the new gap.

DSC_0040 DSC_0035

3. Lighting. Chandelier or pendant light above the dining table create perfect ambient light for the evening meals. If you are completely refurbishing your flat, take that in consideration and include a source of light above the table to add a bit atmosphere to your dining area. Be aware that it won’t be in the centre if you are going to use an extending table.

Interior Design Earls Court Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 9

4. Seating. As in case of table, options are endless. Modern, plastic, low, with armrests and so on. What do you need to focus on when choosing your perfect dining seating? Comfort, especially when you and your family spend every Saturday morning enjoying breakfast together or Sunday roast. If you usually eat in the living room, comfort can go second, and you can add a bit of design touch to it. You can even mix and match various options, and add a minimalistic style to your space. Some fabrics and textures might look great, but remember there is food and drink around and some might stain easily. 

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5. Breakfast bar. Great option if you don’t have enough space for a dining table, but still prefer to sit  comfortable while you’re having your lunch. That solution works perfectly when you have a kitchen island and can raise a part of the top. Bar stools vary in comfort so it’s a good idea to go and physically sit on any potential purchases, rather than getting ones off the net.

Project 9 - Pied-a-terre - Image 1 Project 9 - Pied-a-terre - Image 2

6. Bespoke pieces.

If none of the ‘off the shelf’ dining tables work for your space, you can always go for bespoke piece. For the project we have just finished, we designed a beautiful bespoke dining table. The wedge table has a unique pattern on the top and designers legs, also, it fits perfectly with the scheme. Just have a look yourself!

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