June 27, 2016

Small Modern Homes

Kia Designs presents extraordinary small and modern homes design services. Our designers adopt a thoughtful approach and modern design spirit to offer quality-driven outcomes. With deep knowledge about the latest design trends for small homes, we can be the go-to destination for your small modern homes.

Project 7 - Chelsea - Image 5

We Justify the Essence of the ‘Modern Movement Architecture’

Our high understanding of the importance of space in the modern residence has led us to become one of the most sought-after design companies in our niche. We are inspired by the ideas related to proper space utilisation, free flow of air & light, use of good quality raw materials and uniformity between environment and architecture.

We cater to the varying needs of our clients, while keeping in mind the growing significance of useful space. Whether you want to position a vase in a specific corner of the living room or create a loft above your bedroom, we can help you with the correct design solutions for your small modern homes. Our designers passionately believe in creating space and allowing free passage of light to nurture a healthy and happy household. With the best interests of our clients in mind, we move ahead with modern and revolutionary design ideas.

Project 9 - Bedroom

A Complete Solution Package Awaits you at Kia Designs

Our designers comply with the latest building regulations while planning the layout and architecture of your small modern home. We don’t just stop at a free initial consultation; we extend our services to mood board drafting, final design confirmation and completion of the project. Our management team looks into the procurement of design materials and keeps you updated about the latest developments in the project.

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Call us to make the most of our small modern homes design services. We can visit your property and help you in designing the perfect home. You can also subscribe to our email list to receive our Investment Guide.

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