May 24, 2017

Spiral Staircases Made Easy

Every now and then you stumble across a product that you wonder how no one had thought of creating something this simple before.
"Thanks to the innovative tread sleeve fastened to the central pole with a vice-like system, the Clip kit staircase is easy to install not requiring any spacers.
What’s more, a fresh and young design, a steel structure and 5 vibrant colours are the right ingredients to make the Clip spiral staircase a modern and functional furnishing element."

Answering The Call

For many years we have found the idea of adding in or changing a staircase a real budget hassle. It can be almost impossible to add in a full set of stairs and often is extremely costly when you do. To be able to find something so simple and versatile is fantastic.

We are considering the use of a spiral staircase in an upcoming project. This entrance hall is really not working for the client, it doesn't flow very well and it looks as if it could be improved with a spiral staircase.


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If it works we will be creating an new spiral staircase together with a webbed open play area above the entrance hall, creating a fun and interesting entrance hall that is both grand but also suitable for small children as the client has 2 year old twins. You can read more about the brief for this project here and how we are going to transform this house to create something magical that the family will be able to grow in to for the next decade and beyond.

What could be the drawbacks to a spiral staircase?

The only draw back will be the current age of the children and whether a spiral staircase up to their bedroom is too much of a risk while they are this young. We will go through the options and pricing with the client and they will be able to make an informed decision knowing that the design will always be our first consideration.

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