May 17, 2016

Spotlight on: Stools

When finishing our latest project, we were still amazingly surprised at how details can influence the overall look of the design. Each of the interiors, as mentioned in previous blog post here, is kind of like creating a perfect outfit - it is all about layering. Recently, we talked about bespoke items, today we will focus on stools.

Those small pieces of seating furniture can be visually interesting and also save some space. If you are struggling with putting dining chairs or armchairs in the room, try going with stools. To pick the right one you have to focus on their function first. In this project, stools were playing a rather significant role and were used in various contexts and spaces. 

  1. As a dining chair alternative. If in your dining room you have a bench or a few dining chairs, but want to have some alternatives, or additional seating options when more guest arrive, use stools. Their height allows them to put them deep under the dining table, or in the corner until required, and they are easy to move. Also, with the choice of upholstery fabrics that are available on the market today, you can bring some colour into the room.
  2. As a dressing table/ desk chair alternative. Often dressing tables are used on special occasions so putting a standard dining chair there would be a waste of space in your bedroom. With the stool, you can easily put it underneath the table. It works great also in walk-in wardrobe, where you usually don’t sit, but want to have a seating when trying your shoes on, or when changing clothes, to leave them somewhere safe. If like our client, you travel a lot and rarely work from home, a stool is a great alternative for a desk chair.

Spotlight on Stools

3.As seating in your lounge. Not only they bring some diversity in the room, they are small enough to go bold with the fabrics. If you already have a nice, comfortable sofa and two armchairs, don’t overcrowd the lounge with another tall seating options as it may look cluttered. Stools due their height don’t block the light, and can be comfortably moved around. We would recommend getting two in the same fabric, and sit them at one site of coffee table or ottoman.

Have  look on those great stools we picked for our recently completed project!

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