May 03, 2017

Starting a Design: Initial Brief and Scope

Developing and producing a clear brief and scope is an essential part of any project. You are proving to the client that you have understood what it is they are hoping to achieve and converting that into a clear and precise vision. The aim of an initial brief and scope is not to get bogged down in detail, but to define the feeling and atmosphere, combined with a clear explanation of proposed work reasoning and focus.

Below is our proposed brief and scope for one of our current projects. Constructed after talking to the client, looking over inspirational images they had selected and doing a site survey to see what was structurally and budget possible.

kia designs how to start a project Inspiration sent by the client

Earls Court B&S

"To transform a tired and bland bijoux 2 bedroom penthouse apartment in Earls Court into a fashionable, luxurious and comfortable haven. The focus will be on making the most of the small space to provide the client with the maximum living area and light, as well as providing copious hidden and feature storage.

The kitchen will be moved into the living room, to allow for a large dining nook in its current position and to increase the available storage and surface space. A change of skylight will provide additional natural light. Built-in banquette seating with drawers underneath will allow for maximum seating in the area.

Crittall glazing internally between the living room and stairwell will flood the lounge area with light as well as being an aesthetically desirable feature. The sofa and arm chairs will be well upholstered in luxurious velvets, for exceptional colour depth and comfort.

Dark and brooding colours will create a comforting and sophisticated palette, highlighted by brass and chrome trim and bold, bright, blocks of vibrant colour. The design will include a few industrial elements, notably the internal crittall window and dining room table styling. Wall lights, rather than pendants, will provide ambient light and allow the space to look open, lofty and uninterrupted.

The doors throughout will be adjusted slightly and replaced with sliding doors, to allow for more storage to be fitted and increase the amount of usable space within the rooms.

A thin black cornicing ribbon will outline the spaces, making them more interesting and defined. Dark, wide plank engineered flooring has been suggested, in contrast to a bold patterned carpet on the stairway.

The master bedroom will benefit from extra wardrobe space, in which a bespoke internal fitout will allow for more ergonomic storage. The colour palette in here will be more muted and sympathetic using light greys and dusty pinks.

The spare bedroom will predominantly be designed for storage. A wall bed has been suggested for the occasional guest and resale value. The soft grey and blue tones will be continued in here to tie it into the rest of the flat.

The bathroom will be clean, crisp and neutral, with modern and minimalist styling. A mix of grey tones will keep it looking sleek. Low maintenance wares will be key to keeping it looking fresh. A painted, rather than tiled, finish will contrast with the splashback and keep the space light."

starting a project Inspiration gathered by Kia Designs

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