August 20, 2012

Stunning Greek hotel

Having been to a number of excellent hotels worldwide and having a mild fascination for the hotel business, this retreat in Greece really caught my attention:


Located on the island of Mykonos, this hotel adds a touch of simplicity and calmness to the crowded luxury hotel genre.  Unlike many hotels which submit to a very uniformed design, the hotel room in this property feels more like the spare bedroom in a charming villa:

With this type of hotel, the big question always is: Do I want to go to a hotel which isn’t “luxurious” in the broadest sense of the word?  The answer, although not definitive, is that rustic charm may not offer the same comfort as typical 5* accommodation, but it has a natural ambiance which cannot be replicated en masse:

My conclusion would be that a hotel such as this is not for everyone.  In order to appreciate it, it is necessary to disregard one’s knowledge of top hotels and accept the simple charms that life gifts us


Credit: Freshome

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