October 07, 2011

Talking Parrots

One of my favourite projects to look back on was one of my earliest, there were so many interesting elements in the room but it still didn't look cluttered.  It started to outline what I loved about our design style - it allows a room to grow over time but still work for the clients instantly.

Our of my favourite items in this room is the Parrot artwork that you can see reflected in the mirror, the client managed to find this beauty in an auction house in Islington - however if you are after a piece of your very own Parrot artwork here are a few options from Bright's Interiors

First up this beauty is only £210 (Hide your ears Adam!)


This next one is also a real beauty but is a little more expensive at £395



And last but not least, this piece is also £395


How do you feel about the Parrot artwork? Would you be brave enough?

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