February 14, 2011

The Design Process: Part 1

The Design process, with regard to Interior Design, starts and ends with the client and their tastes.  Therefore the first part of the Interior Design process at Kia Designs is what we call a 'client analysis'.  The below picture is an excellent illustration of what we don't do - our 'client analysis' is about getting into the head of our client so that our Designs can represent their needs and style.  In order to become immersed in such matters it is vital that we meet our clients personally (preferably in their own home) so that we can discuss what they want from us.  We always ask our clients to collect inspiration from magazines or films prior to this meeting so that they are armed with examples of what they find appealing.  One of the Designer's main tasks at this point is to decipher between products and tone - for example: on many occasions a client will say,

"I like the tone of this room but I don't like any of the furniture' (or vice verse)

Sometimes a collection of items that are individually undesirable can actually work very well in unison - in such a case an Interior Designer will strive to  maintain the tone and texture of the room but will substitute in individual pieces that the client is more comfortable with.  Also, a client's room may have size restrictions - as a result of that the Interior Designer needs to measure the room very carefully to ensure that certain pieces of furniture (as beautiful as they might be) are not too big or small for the room in question.

Of course, a client will also often love the Design of a room but the room will be full of hugely expensive furniture.  In such a case the Designer and client often discuss precisely which expensive items really 'make' the room and which can be cleverly replaced by less costly alternatives.

From our perspective, we like to leave the 'client analysis' with a clear idea of what our client wants - the more information that we get the better!  The client, in essence, is in charge of drawing the outline of a landscape whereas the Designer is charged with creating the picture in its entirety.  Of course, there are also instances wherein clients wish for us to create without any input from them which is hugely fun but, either way, our client analysis never happens over the phone!


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