February 15, 2011

The Design Process: Part 2

Everyone has a different Design process but, through experience, I have found that it is very useful to Design from the walls inward.  The colour that one chooses to adorn the walls and skirting is so vital as it sets the scene for the remainder of the Design.  If one were to chose the furniture first it is likely that one would have to try to find a colour that would compliment multiple pieces of furniture: this is certainly not impossible but it does make it likely that you will be left muttering,

"If I swapped that chair with another one the scheme would work ..."

Compromise is a vital part of Design, as well as anything in life, but by not choosing the colour scheme first you are setting yourself up to have to compromise.

Although we are currently speaking of 'colours' it would be more accurate to speak of 'moods' - after all, that is what we are trying to create through the colour: a mood for the room whether it be happy, opulent or aggressive.  Once we have completed the 'client analysis' we strive to chose moods that suit their tastes and personalities and we do not submit to the negative connotations that are associated with various colours.  For example, used in the correct way red can be soothing: colours are there at the Designers disposal, not the other way around!

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