February 18, 2011

The Design Process: Part 5

The part of Interior Design that is not/cannot be taught in the classroom is the final stage.  Most clients have building work done as well as Interior Design and, as a result, beautiful pieces of furniture cannot simply be taken to the home of the client for fear of damage - also,even if a client is not having building work done, if a client doesn't work from home there will be nobody available to field the delivery anyway.  As a result we advise that all furniture is delivered to a storage and delivery company (we have found an excellent one!) to which we can have the furniture delivered to before they deliver it en masse.

This is another expense for the client but it minimises stress and protects the furniture.  The big headache always is that some items will arrive later than expected - this results in extra work for the Designer and angst for the customer but at least when the items do arrive it won't be these two delivering it!

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