April 07, 2017

The Wonderful Power of Paint

The Kia Designs Team often attend press releases for new products, schemes and collections, keeping our eyes peeled for timeless items and new and innovative ideas. Back in September we visited Dulux's Colour Futures, that informed attendees of the up and coming trends forecasted for 2017.

We discovered one of their new collections, New Romanticism. A project that we were working on the design for around the same time had a brief that was aimed at bringing life and character into a new build that was lacking in style and overall homely-ness. Teamed with the colours from the Dulux Colour Futures, we had the perfect opportunity to inject some style and character on a small budget.

Project 108 Inspiration

A little bit about the New Romanticism Collection

New Romanticism

With an emphasis on the nature and inspired by the natural world, the New Romanticism Collection aims to bring us back down to earth in this world of technology. With its mossy greens a dusky lilacs, this paint palette can be used easily and effectively to create an effortless bohemian feel, perfect for promoting that calming, idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world in your very own home.

The beautiful colour palette means you can be bold and daring with multiple different colours, whilst still creating a calming and soothing atmosphere, that is not at all in your face. The image below demonstrates how the deep tones in the range can be brought together with the brighter colours to create a more interesting feature out of a beautifully bring window box area. Whilst at the same time, can, in the same space be brought together to form a cosy little area that is both stylish and comfortable.

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The various different colours lend themselves brilliantly to the notion of zoning areas in your home. This image below shows how 3 or more colours can be used in the same room to create specific zones within that room, but still work beautifully together to make sure the room doesn't feel disjointed and works well with the overall design.

How to use a number of colours to simultaneously zone areas and create an overall design that meshes together beautifully

To read more about how you can zone areas in your home, such as work spaces, click here.

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