October 13, 2011

The working hours of an Interior Designer

One of the advantageous things about choosing a small Interior Design company over some of our larger rivals is that we can offer a level of flexibility that they cannot compete with.  Our working hours are driven by the needs of our clients: typically we have no more than 6 clients at any one time to ensure that our level of service remains consistent and we always strive to be available for such clients.  Typically our clients are extremely busy and are often frequent travellers so it is usual for us to set up evening/weekend meetings with them to discuss design ideas and the state of the project.

We are fully aware that us being aware 9-5 is not very useful to clients who may work through such hours so we have no specified 'office hours' but instead having a policy of understanding the needs of our clients and catering to them accordingly.  As a result it is safe to say that we try to avoid the below scenario where-ever possible!

Being available for  our clients when they need us is how we can create amazing designs such as this!

This design was one of the Finalists for 'Living Space Design of the Year 2011'

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