June 22, 2016

Tiny House Interiors

If you want to downsize your residence and maintain its appeal at the same time, Kia Designs can be your ideal choice. We create some of the most functional and eye-catching tiny house interiors for our space-conscious clients. With a team of dedicated designers, we impeccably craft the finest interiors to come up with your very own tiny home.
We have years of experience and understanding to appreciate your imagination and stay true to the attributes of the tiny house movement. With in-depth knowledge and expertise, our designers effortlessly transform your vision into reality.
Our designers carefully look into the planning needs of your tiny house interiors and ensure tailored solutions for you. You can choose from themes, conventional or traditional designs; our client-specific outcomes are bound to mesmerise you with their beauty and charm. As far as themes are concerned, we can deliver anything from a fishing trip to a camping retreat.


High Quality Design Standards Epitomise your Tastes

From the walls to floor plans, we can bring forth the highest standards as far as the finishing touches are concerned. We implement our experience to identify the preferences and choices of our clients. With thorough research about the most appropriate design solutions for your tiny home, we assure you of an exact replica of your vision.
Our strong management team coordinates with a strong network of supply chain sources to ensure a comprehensive service to all of our clients. We maintain constant communication with suppliers and contractors to ensure smooth flow of information at all stages of the procurement process.


Contact us

Send us an email to register for our Investment Guide. You can also call us to design your tiny house interiors with picture-perfect decorations and embellishments.

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