April 29, 2011

Today's the big day...

So it's finally here, the Royal Wedding!  I am sure if you are living in the UK today has felt like a day that would never come.  Over the past few weeks we have seen it all in terms of memorabilia, from egg cups to wardrobe doors, let's hope today's event will be worth all the hype!  So for today's post I want to focus on the new Royal couple and how they can transfer what I am sure will be a beautiful wedding in to a beautiful home.  So here's some of my inspirational picks for an elegant and gorgeous home that would suit the new royal couple.

Firstly the living room, elegant and glamorous but not over the top.


Next the kitchen, this needs to be a space that can provide some of the finest foods whilst looking effortless.

Source: freshome.com via Kia on Pinterest


The dining room must be fit for a Queen (well a Princess anyway)

Source: saragilbaneinteriors.com via Kia on Pinterest


Now getting on to the good stuff - the bedroom!  This must be, once again, elegant but also reserved.

Source: havenspie.tumblr.com via Kia on Pinterest


The Master bathroom has a touch of the glitz and glamour!


And last but definitely not least, for the Princess that must have a different dress for every occasion we must have a dressing room that will inspire!

Source: houzz.com via Kia on Pinterest


So what do we think?  Would the newly wed couple approve?

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