September 06, 2009

Top London Interior Designer Kia Sunda In The September Issue Of City & Angel Magazine

Kia Sunda Provides Homeowners With Practical Tips With Regard To How One Can Reinvent One’s Bedroom? It is the most personal room in your abode yet it can often seem as though one’s bedroom inherits the role of habitual dumping ground for a variety of items around the home.

Interior Designers strive to maintain the functionality and comfort of the entire home and many are aghast by how far down the priority list bedrooms often fall. The reason behind this is that our bedroom is the room that the least number of our peers and family members actually view (and virtually never scrutinise). As a result of this we focus most of our energy and finances upon ensuring that the more viewed areas of our living quarters are impeccable, user-friendly and stylish. There is, therefore, often little quandary regarding where people are most happy investing money: with regard to their home: having said this, Kia Sunda maintains that ‘small touches can make a big difference, especially if an individual targets the main weaknesses of a room’.

In September’s edition of City & Angel magazine Kia will share with you some tips that will liven up your bedroom without leaving you with a light wallet and a red bank balance. Kia is quick to point out that ‘any investment in the home is clearly worthwhile when one considers the amount of time spent in it but, having said this, changes can be implemented in an economically feasible way’. It is also worth noting that in the same aforementioned publication Kia will also be interviewed – this may be of interest to some of the 100,000 ‘ABC Readers’ as it is through getting to know an Interior Designer that one can ascertain whether they are suitable for you and your home. After all, Interior Design is, according to Kia, deeply personal and should not be undertaken in a wholesale manner.

It is an exciting time for Kia Designs and we would encourage you to grab a free copy of City & Islington Magazine from your local estate agent so that you can uncover everything from Kia’s style tips to what you might find her drinking on a Friday night!

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