August 05, 2010

Unprepared for the unexpected


On a recent project in Gloucester Road we had a problem, not a huge problem but one that could have been very costly.  There was water leaking through the newly put up ceiling in the living room and water damaged the ceiling so badly in the bathroom that it had to be fully replaced - both of these were unfortunately out of our control as the apartment above is not owed by my client! So when doing building works always prepare for the unexpected - that way when you don't find it it's a relief rather than a nightmare!

• Things you want are not always available. They may take longer to obtain than anticipated and may cost more.
• When demolishing existing interiors, surprises can be found that will take longer and can cost more.  Establish a contingency fund for the unexpected.
• Delays on a project can cost more because the contractors are charging for their time. But thankfully our interior designers don't!
• Be prepared to compromise, to keep the project moving along on time and on budget.
• Listen to the design professional who will guide you through the entire process.

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