October 10, 2011

Weaving Colour Into A Room

A few months ago you may remember we featured this room in our newsletter and it caught my eye yesterday whilst I was looking for an example of how you can install a colour into a room (in this case: gold).  One of the first rules with regard to adding a colour into a room is that it is not necessary to continually use the same 'shade' or 'tone' of gold in every piece.  Some people get very particular with regard to this but the truth is that it is better to have a range of golds within a a scheme as it adds a more natural and less clinical feel to any room.

Another thing I would advise is to be sparing with any highlight colour - there is a temptation to sometimes go wild with a vibrant colour but the impact is then lost as you are then 'pushing' the colour onto a room as opposed to allowing it to work its own subtle magic.

Also reminded me of this gorgeous piece that we used in one of our previous projects....

Are you a fan of gold piece like this?

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