February 16, 2011

What are your 5 Daily Essentials?

I was faced with a very difficult dilemma when Stacey Sheppard nominated me next to do a 'Daily Essentials' post (who had been tagged by Carole King from Dear Designer’s Blog).  My first thinking was that it would be really easy and I would be able to sit down and neatly rattle off 5 things - but the more I actually thought about it the more of a challenge it became any never one to back down from a challenge here it is...

1. i-phone

Yes apple has simply got me.  I love their products but I am happy to say that I am completely content with my trusty 3GS and feel no need 'upgrade' to the not quite as slinky 4!

2. tea

I think I could possibly live without this if someone bought me a really nice coffee machine - but the caffeine really is a must

3. My husband

I am simply going to be gooey and say that I really don't think I would be able to survive a single day without him.  He is fantastic for the business and always knows how to make me smile each and every day.

4. Sunshine

Okay so living in the UK probably not the best place to try and soak up a whole lot of this but that is simply why I have to get away A LOT!

5. Pinterest

This is my most recent obsession and it doesn't show any sign of slowing.  It has completely transformed the way I look for products online, no longer am I a million-and-one clicks away from the product I can see in my head!

Thanks Stacey for making me really think about when I can and can't live without!

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