April 26, 2016

What Pelmets' Installation Has Taught Us?

...about suppliers?

Pelmets not only hide the curtain tracks, but often create an interesting visual piece above the window. Depending on fabric you pick, they may be matching your cushions and pillows or trying to create a great contrast to your existing pieces. In general, they are a small accessory that can make a big change. 

But this blog post is not only about pelmets, but also about how those small details can become a very problematic situation. So what has pelmet installation taught us?


Choose trustworthy suppliers

Googling a company that has to install your pelmets may be not a best way to find trustworthy supplier, but sometimes the recommended company, or your favourite one is very busy or they are overbooked for months in advance and can’t be used. How to recognise then if the company you are looking to hire is actually worth it?

a)It is easy to contact them; through email and phone, you have a contact person assigned to your project.

b)They inform you about the progress of work. If there are items missing from production,  or you haven’t sent the detailed measurements, they will inform you in time to do so.

fabric color selection

c)You don't need to check up on them. They are calling when agreed, they are on site on time and do the work on time.  

d)They deal with the order from the beginning till the end. There is no external contractor, or a third party involve, they come in, take measurements, template and instal all the items when they are ready.

Our pelmet company arranged both the template and the pelmets themselves, and installed all of them on time, without any extra effort on our site. It made our life so much easier.


Choose the right fabric

This happens more than once, and not only in case of the pelmets. You pick beautiful fabric and you are excited about the item. You want to place the order and then...

1. fabric is out of stock, they are not sure when it will be back in production

2. the fabric is in stock, but it’s more suitable for sofas, chairs, sheers and pretty much everything else apart from pelmets.


Choosing the right fabric for the right item is key to well finished item. Read all the labels, check our blog post here, and ask all the sales assistants - they know a lot about fabrics.

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