January 14, 2016

What is an Interior Design Survey?

What is an interior design survey?

An interior design survey is the process of taking measurements and pictures of the site so that the designer can prepare a design scheme tailored to that particular property. During the process, we take measurements of walls and doors, as well as radiators, windows and all the other fixings. All these measurements are essential to the process of creating a design that fits into the space. All the dimensions then go to the CAD software, where a scale floor plan is created. It includes wall thicknesses and door openings, as well as ceiling heights . A site survey is a great opportunity to visualise the space and discover the unexpected elements of architecture that are often hidden in flats.

A recent design survey

With a tape measure and a laser measure in our hands we went off to the new property in Waterloo. The flat was full of unexpected architectural surprises, some a blessing and others more of a challenge. On closer inspection of the corridor we noticed two factors.  Firstly the corridor was inexplicably large in comparison to the other rooms, something that we will be addressing when created the new floor plan.  Secondly, that the kitchen is not aligned with the corridor - a huge electrical storage box runs through from the common areas making the kitchen almost a foot smaller than the corridor.  This challenge we will have to carefully address when looking at the proposed floor plan.

Interior Design Survey Plan Simple Draft of Floorplan

The kitchen offers another interesting challenge, it appears that due to the ducting for extraction and the spots lights that have been installed that the kitchen ceiling has been dropped by over a foot.  This simply won't do in the new design and we will be looking at ways to take this cavern like kitchen and expanding it in to a stunning open plan space.

The window in the living room provides us with a respite from challenges since we instantly were drawn to it and the idea of a relaxing seating area that allows our clients a stunning view of the Royal Festival Hall. We are also going to use mirror in this area to help capture and enhance the light.

2015-12-04 14.45.02-1

We also hope to make better use of some of the clients more interesting art pieces, we found this Mondo poster hanging out in a spare bathroom.  Don't worry Ryan, we will save you and hopefully give you a crowning place in the design.

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