August 31, 2010

What Will Your Interior Designer Show You Along The Way To Explain The Project?

It can be scary when you are thinking of hiring an Interior Designer. With everything from the different pricing to not understanding what you are going to be able to see along the way. 


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Moodboards & Colour Scheme

Will you see models, drawings, or computer animations? This along with moodboards showing the entire colour scheme, fabrics, floorings etc will help to bring the scheme to life. What an interior design moodboard shows you are the items that make up your design and the way in which they will work together. You will often also receive a selection of samples, these will be the fabrics, floor coverings and wall coverings that will make up your new home.




Floorplans & Elevations


Each of our mood boards comes with to scale computer drawings which show you the layout of the room and the helps to show the proportions of the room.  We also do elevations - especially for built in pieces so you can see exactly what the room is going to look like and start to get a real feeling of the room. 



Sketch Up 

We now provide clients with Sketch Up images of their rooms. Whilst not completely perfect they offer a good idea of the overall layout and look and feel of a room. 


Budget Breakdown

Of course all of this will come with a wonderful full budget breakdown meaning that you know that your project is not only going to look stunning but it's actually going to be possible. Budget is always a difficult point to work out so it you are still trying to work it out you might want to check out how we help work out where its best to put your investment

We try and make things as easy as possible by creating transparancy within our pricing.



[[This post has been updated in October 2017]]

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