July 18, 2011

Wrap Up Of Wallcoverings

Wallcoverings (or wallpapers) are strange things - clients either love them or hate them.  Recently we have had a bit of both so I thought (for all you wallpaper lovers out there) I would wrap up a few of our favourites that we have specified for clients

This gorgeous wall-covering was for a lounge, with the property overlooking Regents Park and wonderful high ceilings this luxurious wall-covering would bring the property back to it's former glory!  

This beauty from House of Hackey is fantastic for a Victoria property we are currently working on...not sure if it may be a little too wild for the entrance way though!


Another Romo favourite of mine is (again) from the Shima collection.  This wallpaper is a touch of the divine and is being used in a gorgeous new living room in Islington!  I think it is going to look Divinely Decadent! ;)



Source: romo.com via Kia on Pinterest



So love them or fate them it looks as though wallcovererings are here to stay, personally I am a big fan as they add another texture or colour in to the room and provide a gorgeous back drop to furniture!


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