November 28, 2011

A Moodboard To Die For

I thought today we would give you a bit of a sneak peek in to a mood board we have been working on for some clients in North London, these clients LOVE colour (Below is their 'winter lounge' and master bedroom both of which we designed for them, together with custom carpentry and bespoke rug designs perfectly suited to their colour schemes.





This time round we are giving a re-design to their spare bedrooms - just in time for Christmas!  Below are a few photos of the mood board for one of the bedrooms - this bedroom was actually inspired by two of the clients favourite eye shadow colours (yes you can take inspiration from everywhere!)


We have some gorgeous fabrics, I personally love the metallic qualities of a lot of the fabrics we are using.  We also have a lovely juxtaposition between the grass cloth wall-covering and the dappled wall paper we will be using.

Which fabric is your favourite? What do you think of the grass cloth wall-covering?

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