November 02, 2011

Adapting ...

Adaptation is a key to life as external circumstances are, by definition, outside of our complete control.  In my last blog I spoke of how we have recently had builders miss a deadline - after the initial annoyance dispersed you are left with the reality that it is necessary to ensure that the project continues to go as smoothly as it possibly can.  The first thing that we did was start to prioritise the works - after all it is possible for some work to occur after a client moves in whilst other things NEED to be in place for when they move in.

We also immediately arranged a meeting with the client and the owner of the building company so that everyone was on the same page with regard to the situation and, after the client moved in, we were able to create a definitive list of what needed to be done in order that the client could be confident that no small jobs would be forgotten and that the end result would be just as spectacular as had the works finished on time. Having some spaces liveable (like the bedroom above which by the end of that day was absolutely gorgeous once the wallpaper had gone up and the bed put in place!)

I cannot wait to share the pictures of this project - it is a gorgeous living space which mixes in a large amount of Design concepts and which has a huge amount of features and, therefore, an unmistakable character.

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