January 11, 2012

Exclusive Preview - Moroccan tile rug in green!

As you will have been hearing a lot through our twitter and through our mailing list this year we are launching a very exciting range of products.  Each product has been specially designed with our clients in mind and are of the highest quality materials, we have literally spared no expense in making these gorgeous rugs.  This is one of my favourite rugs from our 1st ever rug collection.  What is eye-catching for me is the contrast between the almost muted grey (which is a wonderful New Zealand wool) and the brilliant green which is created is an amazingly soft silk (which is also raised).

Kia Designs - Moroccan Tile Green - Cut Out - Low Res

This is a great example of how one might use a rug like this: a room which has a pre-existing hint of green (in this case the base of this beautiful William Yeoward  lamp) will very well support a rug of this type as it highlights the use of the colour green to be a design feature as opposed to an anomaly.  It is still incredible to me how a rug can bring a room together and give it a feel of completion whilst also adding a warmth and homeliness, so important in a luxury home interior design.  To learn more about our rug collection please click here!

Kia Designs - Moroccan Tile Green - In Lounge - High Res

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