October 18, 2011

How Long Will My Project Take?

The length of any project is obviously dependent on a large number of variables - here are 3 of the variables that can contribute to the length of any given project:

- How large is the project?  Is it a single room or an entire house ...

- Is building work required?  If yes do you wish to get multiple quotes ... Are you willing to wait until your 1st choice building company to become available ... Will the building company deliver on time ...

- Are you willing to compromise on products in order to get the project finished quickly?  Certain products take months to arrive on our shores, others can be taken off a shop floor - if you are rushing to get a house finished there are suppliers that we use that are particularly swift

It took 3 months to get transform this room from above... To this...


Once we have the answers to these 3 questions we will be able to make a very educated guess with regard to how long a project should take.  Our service is all about taking as much stress off the client as possible whilst also creating an unbelievable living space - most clients feel a lot more confident about their project once they are given a projected timeline and the knowledge that what they will get will be worth waiting for!

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