January 21, 2011

How to create a wonderfully lit room

We get inspiration from all around us however one place that always ignites my imagination is a luxury hotel room - maybe it's just being away!

Hotels really go crazy when it comes to lighting, often you won’t even notice half the places that are lit but one thing’s for sure – you would definitely notice if it wasn’t!  Hotel bedroom lighting is usually extremely soft, and diffused light.  In order to re-create this at home what you need is a very large selection of different light sources, at differing heights throughout the room.  Spot lighting is very rarely used in hotel bedrooms for the main reason that it is simply not very pretty so I would stay away from using this in a bedroom unless you want to look always tired! (think big black bags from the harsh top down lighting)  Instead try and light the room at eye level so that the gorgeous diffused light from your beautiful newly bought shade is giving your face a lovely glow!  We often spend days thinking about the lighting plan and where each light will switch on – remember if you are refurbishing your property you are able to pick and choose your lighting and it doesn’t need to just be the centre light that is turned on at the door – you can switch on many of those low level lights with a good lighting plan!

Dropping a pendant lamp over the centre of the dining table is one of the oldest tricks in the book but it still works and on a dimmer can provide that wonderful warm romantic light that everyone is always looking  for at a dinner table - this is a recent project we used this very clever technique in! Also, again, light the room from many different angles and no top down lighting is usually the way to go – instead opt for wall washing wall lights or recessed spots in the ceiling that produce a much warmer and softer light

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