October 19, 2011

How To Find A Building Contractor - The Issues To Consider

Staying on the practical theme - one of the first decisions any client has to make is also one of the most important: namely, which building contractor to use.  Building works scare people - everyone has heard a horror story and the fear that it will happen to you can cause this to be a very stressful decision.  We work closely with a building company and this is a great benefit to us as we have developed a great working relationship.  Most clients are happy to go with our regular contractors for a few reasons:

1) They come recommended by us (not to say that they are perfect but they are honest and decent builders who are not trying to rip people off)


2) The client knows that the builders we use are competent at completing work to a standard that satisfies an Interior Designer


3) Our own builders have more motivation to work well for us as it will bring them future business through us - a motivation that another contractor may not have


A problem does develop, however, if another contractor comes in will a lower price.  Do the 3 above points warrant paying more on occasion?  Here are some tips to help you make that decision:

1) Look at the quality of the quote - is it professional looking?  How quickly did they get you the quote?  In my experience in life in general - if someone is inefficient initially it is very likely they will continue to be throughout!

2) Do you have a clear grasp of who the boss is?  Some building companies will give you a quote and then employ a subcontractor to do the work - I am not even sure how/if this is legal but it happens a lot and leads to a lot of finger pointing.

3) Follow your instinct - if you like a certain building firm trust that feeling: never feel pressured into using a building company that you have a bad feeling about - where there is smoke there is fire!


Yes this is what an organised and efficient building site can look like - not too pretty is it?

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