September 02, 2014

Interior Design Earls Court

Ballroom Brilliance

This project was probably one of my favourite to work on due to autonomy we were given with the design, the client gave a clear brief and allowed us creative freedom within that to create the perfect design for him.


The apartment would have previously been the main ballroom of the house and was a grand space within a converted mansion house

We looked to reinstate some of the grandness in to this house whilst still keeping it clean and modern.

The apartment layout featured a split-level design that covered a third of the space, downstairs had guest bedroom, guest shower room and kitchen whilst upstairs had the main bathroom and master bedroom.  We redesigned the space to that downstairs the kitchen was open plan in to the living area and we also snuck in a small gym room which was great for the clients busy lifestyle.  Upstairs we redesigned the space to include a walk-in wardrobe and changed what was previously just a bathroom in to a bath and shower room that had a much more spacious and luxurious feel.


Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 9

We needed to create the perfect entertaining space, something that would be elegant and relaxed.  With a 5m ceiling height in the main room our features needed to be eye catching and large, it was unlikely that our designs were going to dwarf the space!  We kept and helped restore quite a few of the features that the property had, although not likely the originals we wanted to keep the apartment as true to it's origins as possible hence we kept the fireplace, shutters and cornicing only adding finishing touches that would increase their beauty such as a new fire basket for the fireplace and handles for the shutters.

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 2

With such a large space it is very important to 'zone' it correctly. We wanted each area to have it's own feeling whist working together as a whole. We had three main zones that we needed to incorporate in to the design, the kitchen, the dining area and the living area.

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