October 16, 2014

Interior Designer Canterbury

Exciting news in from Kia Designs, we are now taking on projects in Canterbury.  We will be bringing our unique style to the houses of Kent from this month.  In and around Canterbury you can arrange for a free first consultation to go through your project requirements and how our service will be able to work for you.

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How does Kia Designs service work?

We like to be a little bit different, we state our prices and charges here on the website so you can see exactly how much you will be paying. No extra charges, this means that we can all sit back and relax from the beginning of the project knowing that we are not going to be going over budget due to our design fees! They are all done and dusted right at the beginning of the project.

Over the 5 years since we launched Kia Designs our clients have been impressed not only with our incredible designs, but also with our transparency


  • Understanding our clients needs
    We take the time to understand exactly what you need from your home
  • Taking on projects that are right for us
    We only take on a maximum of 6 projects at any one time so that clients always receive the amount of time their project needs
  • Being Passionate about Design
    We are obsessed with interior design, you can check out our twitter and our pinterest for a little bit of inspiration of things that we adore
  • Knowledgable about property
    Having worked on property for many years we have an intimate knowledge of what adds value and what people are looking for in a quality design
  • Clear and Realistic
    We are always realistic about what your budget is going to be able to achieve and set a clear plan that is going to make the most of it


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