April 11, 2012

Luxury Bathroom

Another Wednesday and another bit of insight in to our design projects, today we are having a closer look at this gorgeous luxury bathroom in Putney - a few weeks ago we showed you a teeny tiny view of the bathroom (see below).  Today we will be showing you some closer looks at the beautiful finish in this room.

First off here is a better look at the room in all it's glory, as the master bathroom this was one of the 4 new bathrooms we created. (The property was a 4 bed, 1 bath and we converted it in to a 4 bed, 4 bath when doing the refurbishment - we even managed to sneak in a study/gym)


The key to the design in all the bathrooms of this property was to not treat them too much like a bathroom! The needed to be rooms that lead on from each of the main rooms and that were not cold in any way. The may way we did this was to 1. not over due the tiling and used warm paint colours 2. inserting items that are not usually seen in bathroom designs like the over-sized mirror and the beautiful chandelier





I love the ornate finishing on the mirror - it adds such a wow factor to the whole design and the chandelier is beyond stunning!



Just look what the pattern does on the walls and ceiling! It's so glam!


Pretty daring for a bathroom but we were extremely happy with the end results!

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