March 21, 2012

Luxury Bathroom Design

As an interior designer I get an instant feeling of the potential of a project when I first see it. I can look at any room and see that it has the potential to be not only gorgeous, but also be designed well enough that the person using it can keep it looking gorgeous on a daily basis.  The difficult part can often be transmitting the ideas that we come up with on to a client who can often find it difficult to visualise - this can be where the wonders of modern technology can make it very easy to make a decision.

A recent refurbishment in Earls Court needed a completely new Luxury Bathroom Design, these visualisations gave a really good outline of what the bathroom would look like when finished.




The finished product however packs much more of a wow factor!

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 10

Project 2 - Earls Court - Image 11

The bathroom is warm, chic and beautifully laid out.

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