October 19, 2011

Our Initial Consultation

One of the most important aspects of our Design process at Kia Designs is our initial consultation.  This consultation is a relatively informal opportunity for the client present any questions that relate to the details of our service -  it is also a good opportunity for us to view the property in question and discuss with the client the upgrades that they are considering.  When described in this context it may seem that this initial consultation is little more than a formality but in reality it is a cornerstone of our success.


Property renovation, in whatever guise it takes, is stressful: whenever one places their most treasured material asset in the hand of another they will inevitably be a certain degree of worry involved.  As a result, it is of paramount importance that our clients feel comfortable with us - if they don't we would encourage them to employ a Designer with whom they do!  During this initial consultation a client will be able to understand more vividly how we think/work at Kia Designs and, through this, will be able to make a very educated decision with regard to whether we are the correct Designers for them.

Also, at Kia Designs we only take on a set amount of projects at any one time in order to maintain our high standards: as a result it is also in our best interests to work with clients who are suitable for us. 


We do not base suitability on anything other than our ability to connect artistically with the client and an indication that the client understands precisely how we can help them create an ideal living space.  Our most successful projects are always with clients who allow us to do our job within the boundaries that they clearly lay out and so it is with such clients that we most enjoy working.



Interior Design can be a lengthy process and it is therefore vital that there exists a great understanding and trust between Designer and client in order to ensure that the correct results are delivered with minimal fuss!

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