February 22, 2012

The perfect bedroom for spring time

With a few slightly warmer days recently I have really been in the mood for spring - plus I really am not a cold person, I like things hot! This perfect bedroom was created for clients in Highbury (you can basically see Emirates stadium from those gorgeous yellow chairs!).  The clients decided they needs a fresh start from this room and the first step was making the most of that amazing vaulted ceiling, so we built out the small platform that was their previously and  built in some amazingly deep drawers so we not only had more space up there but also a huge amount of extra storage.


DSC_0045-sm (2)


Out next problem was with those gorgeous full height windows - full height windows are not usually a big problem however in this case they are for 2 reasons 1. this is the side the sun hits very early on a summers morning and 2. Emirates stadium seems to never turn it's lights off so it is always too bright to get a good nights sleep.  So we needed some way of easily covering the windows in a very modern way without taking up too much light.  Our fantastic solution was of course sliding panel blinds! They can be done in any of the millions of fabrics we love and take up a very s,all amount of space when both open and closed.  They are also extremely easy to open and close as they simply glide along the track attached to the ceiling.


DSC_0086 (2)

DSC_0055-adjusted (2)

Our third dilemma with this beautiful room was the back wall,  as you can see we have clad it in a gorgeous medium oak finish (it actually has a 1cm gap in each panel that has a beautiful yellow backing behind it!). This back wall actually hides all sorts of fantastic storage behind some of those panels - making it not only very gorgeous but also extremely useful!


DSC_0041 (2)

So, hope you have enjoyed that little insight in to one of our projects, if you have a project that you think Kia Designs would be perfect for  feel free to give us an email!

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