March 25, 2011

An American porch for the 21st century

There is something undeniably romantic about the idea of the 'American porch'.  It is a (literally and figuratively) foreign concept to many English people.  Those who are regular visitors to this blog will have heard me on multiple occasions refer to a space or an area having a 'positive energy': porches strive to have a 'positive energy' as they are where millions of Americans will sit of a summer's evening after a day of work.  The porch shown below is a more modern example of the tradition: notice how it is sheltered yet eminently open (this is facilitated further by the slightly slanted roof) and how it allows its occupants to gaze upon ever changing natural beauty.

This is an interesting example of how modern Design came impact rural areas (this home is in Wyoming which is mostly rural) with spectacular results.


Credit: Freshome

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