February 20, 2012

Double height ceilings = win!

In this day and age property in London is at a premium (and that is to completely understate the situation!).  As a result it is rare to see a genuine double height ceiling that has not been converted into 2 floors.  With that in mind feast your eyes on this monster of a London room:


Okay, so what is the biggest thing that can go wrong when you are dealing with a room of this size?  Small pieces of furniture WILL get lost in the shuffle ... the Designer of this room clearly recognized this and responded by inserting a coffee table the size of an ice-rink!  This is necessary as without such huge pieces the room will feel cold and un-lived in.  However, when using huge pieces of furniture you must ensure that they will fit into the building - a dining table that won't fit into a home may not look quite so good in the garden ...


I really like the way that the Designer has used a giant rug in order to section off a section of the room.  The above picture illustrates this point perfectly: after dinner everyone can sit in the 'living area' (designated by the rug) and feel disconnected from the dining area even though they are technically in the same room.  Finally, when you have a double height room make sure that the ceiling lights take advantage of it; in this case the pendants above the dining table maximize the natural beauty of the room.  Overall, having a double height ceiling is such a privilege and, as long as you avoid some of the pitfalls, there is no excuse for the finished result not being stunning!

Credit: Freshome

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