June 18, 2012

Interesting home from the Netherlands (stunningly photographed!)

Sometimes a photo of a property says a thousand words: for me there was something poetic, serene and ineffable about this particular shot:


Although this picture doesn't give you a clear idea of the architecture it does provide an idea of the tone and feel of the property.  The property was designed in a 'Y' shape in order to capture as much sunlight as possible.  This picture really emphasises the airy feel that the property has as well as the amount of light that it captures:

I can't help but be enchanted by the rugged, rustic woodland which stands in stark contrast to the home which includes this 'James Bond-like' entrance/garage:

I understand that this property may be an acquired taste but the manner in which it contrasts with its surroundings makes it extremely eye-catching and magical in my opinion.

Credit: Freshome

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