February 13, 2012

Residence In Austria That Is A Perfect Monday Pick Me Up

There is something about new homes that get's us all a little excited, don't get me wrong we all love working on conversions and refurbishing gorgeous period homes and bringing them back to their former glory (with a little more heat insulation!).  However, seeing gorgeous newly built homes like this one by Lebanese architects Karim and Rames Najjar of Najjar-Najjar Architects does get my heart pumping a little harder.  Wow, I am really going crazy over architecture this fine Monday morning, and I haven't even had caffeine!








There you go, now I think you understand why I am so amazingly perky this morning. I just love that pool, I think the external cladding is a beautiful but subtle texture that really works well with the extended cantilever roof structure (gorgeous!)

via: Lebanese Architects Najjar-Najjar Design A Residence In Austria | Architecture | Un Peu De كل شي.

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